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Available 11.21.2011


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A collection of anonymously-contributed client horror stories from designers

RFPs Suck!

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RFPs Suck!

How to Master the RFP System Once and For All to Win Big Business

By Tom Searcy

Age of Conversation

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Age of Conversation 3

It’s time to get busy!

By Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton

Getting Right With Tao

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Getting Right with Tao A Contemporary Spin on the Tao Te Ching

A Contemporary Spin on the Tao Te Ching

By Ron Hogan

60 Days to Change

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60 Days to Change

A Daily How-To Guide with Actionable Tips for Improving Your Financial Life

By Peter Dunn

You’re an expert in your field.

 But does everyone know it?

You’re an early adopter with a timely manuscript, and you live on the digital edge. Your readers need your book today, not 12 months from now.

You’ve finished a manuscript, but you lack both the time to manage the publishing process, and the stomach for the business and legal details.

Your organization has a legacy of passionate commitment.

You want to tell its stories, and you think a book has immense potential as a fundraising tool, but you’re not sure where or how to start.

Your clients are rising stars or captains of industry, and you want to offer them a go-to book publishing option. Help them take the next step in building their visibility and promoting their personal brands...

You’re known for your eye for talent, and you’re frustrated that your industry isn’t keeping up with the changes in the rest of the market.


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