A Model for Authors Who Know
They Can Sell Books.

The traditional publishing model does not typically reward an author for his or her marketability, and the per-book profit is often not commensurate with what an author actually deserves. Because we know that author marketability relates to book sales, we developed a model that offers authors a high profit margin on every book sold. Rather than offering an arbitrary upfront advance (to be paid back to the publishing house through book sales before the author sees any profit) and negligible per-book royalties, our model requires an initial investment from the author for the work necessary to produce a viable book and to increase the author’s marketability. This way, an author — backed by a strategy created and implemented by our marketing and PR team — sees his or her royalties almost immediately once the book hits the market. Authors also receive a larger per-book return than any other involved party.

Our publishing plans are designed so that authors can, on average, make back their upfront investment with the sale of only 1,500 - 2,000 books (this varies by author and depends on the amount of upfront work necessary to produce their book). All subsequent sales result in pure profit for the author, who makes upwards of 60% of the wholesale price on each book sold. For authors with an established platform and loyal audience, this model is extremely lucrative. For this reason, Channel V Books is very particular about the authors we publish and about keeping their best interests — profitability, marketability, and reputation — in mind.