Channel V Books has handpicked the best aspects of all existing publishing models and brought them together to form a new model that benefits authors like never before.

Independent authors currently have dozens of choices when it comes to publishing, but most of these options don’t fit into the existing publishing industry infrastructure or mesh with the demands of the marketplace. Self-publishing is convenient and offers freedom to an author, but it also introduces logistical challenges in distribution, fulfillment and operational responsibilities. And though traditional publishing offers credibility, it often lacks in monetary incentive and speed to market...

A New Model

Channel V Books’ model offers the best of all worlds by allowing authors access to an industry still known for its barriers to entry. We specialize in the development of independent authors and offer an even playing field for writers looking for an alternative to working with major publishing houses. Channel V Books provides high production quality, competitive distribution channels, visibility, creative flexibility and, more importantly, profitability. We offer authors the support and services characteristic of traditional publishing but the freedom, speed and efficiency of going it alone.

Channel V Books Sits at the Intersection of Traditional and Self-Publishing.

We work with authors at any stage of their book publishing process. Most often, this means we come in at the very beginning, working with authors to create their platform. From here we continue with editorial, layout, publishing, online marketing and the PR and promotion that drive book sales. Channel V Books handles distribution and fulfillment and manages royalty payments and wholesale orders following the publishing of our authors’ books.

A Model for Authors Who Know
They Can Sell Books.

The traditional publishing model does not typically reward an author for his or her marketability, and the per-book profit is often not commensurate with what an author actually deserves. Because we know that author marketability relates to book sales, we developed a model that offers authors a high profit margin on every book sold. Rather than offering an arbitrary upfront advance (to be paid back to the publishing house through book sales before the author sees any profit) and negligible per-book royalties, our model requires an initial investment from the author for the work necessary to produce a viable book and to increase the author’s marketability. This way, an author — backed by a strategy created and implemented by our marketing and PR team — sees his or her royalties almost immediately once the book hits the market. Authors also receive a larger per-book return than any other involved party.

The Secrets to Success.

Our clients’ success is our success, which means it’s our job to make every project as marketable, profitable and competitive as possible. We honor the following tenets in our work with authors:

  • We won’t sacrifice quality for speed. While we pride ourselves on our ability to do good work fast, we’re unwilling to rush unfinished products to market. We work tirelessly to ensure that when your book leaves our hands, it’s as competitive as possible.

  • Authors entrust us with their vision and in return we provide them with a fresh, informed perspective and comprehensive knowledge of the publishing industry.

  • There are hundreds of books published in the U.S. every day. To rise to the top of this heap, we’ve got to be able to compete on every level: quality of editorial and design, streamlined distribution and top-notch marketing. And we do.

  • Each book is essentially a new business and we treat it as such. After committing to a new author, we create and execute a custom go-to-market plan that is uniquely specialized for the individual client and his/her goals.

How the CVB Publishing Model Came to Be.

Channel V Books’ parent company Channel V Media is a marketing agency that helps its clients build their visibility, audiences and platforms. Over time the agency identified a trend: after we succeeded in building loyal audiences for our clients, we were working tirelessly to secure book agents in order to help them land a publisher. Since the Channel V Media-built platform and loyal audience led to marketability and increased book sales, book agents were quick to respond. Good news for our clients — until they plunged into the challenging world of traditional publishing.