Channel V Books does not pay advances to its authors, but we do offer a commission to agents. If you work with a marketable client who would benefit from our model, which offers high royalties on each book sold, please follow our submission guidelines below.

Or if you would like first to discuss your client’s potential fit within our roster of services and work, please contact us.

We require the following elements in order to complete the submission process:


Complete our formal submission form.


Provide us with your proposal and/or manuscript
(partial or full).

  • Please submit your proposal and/or manuscript
    as a word document or pdf file.

  • The file(s) should be saved as:

    or :


Provide us with a preliminary
marketing plan.

Your marketing plan should include:

  • A summary of your current marketing initiatives. (i.e. How have you built awareness for yourself in a way that will benefit the proposed project?)

  • An outline of your future personal promotion plans, including an overview of your audience and thoughts on how you will continue to build and leverage it to increase your marketability.

  • A brief summary of your book’s competition and where you think it will fit in the marketplace.

  • Your goals for this book and your author’s ongoing publishing career.
    ( Note: We’re not specifically requesting your monetary goals. We’d like to get a sense of any big picture objectives you have, such as “building credibility in my industry” or “leveraging the book to attract more speaking opportunities.”)

  • The marketing budget you’ve designated for the current project.

  • Any other relevant marketing materials.

If you are sending any part of your proposal by snail mail, please address it to:

Channel V Books
66 W. 39th Street
3rd Floor East
New York, NY 10018

Attn: Submissions

We carefully review each serious proposal we receive and will contact you with feedback within three weeks of receiving your submission.