At a Glance

Pieces of the Publishing Puzzle
Traditional Publishing
Channel V Books
Proof of a viable platform and loyal audience is required before even being considered by the publishing house.
You can publish whenever you want without anyone’s permission. But in order to drive book sales, you will need to figure out how to get your name and book out there, i.e. develop a platform and audience.
CVBooks will work with the author to develop a viable platform and loyal audience well in advance of publishing the book. This includes any mix of PR, blogs, social media, newsletters, and publicity consulting. We also work with authors with well-established platforms. All author profit is based on marketability.
Editing & Design
Handled in house. The author often times does not have a say in the book cover or layout.
It’s up to you. You can either do it yourself or you can hire an outside team.
We’ll do it. CVBooks’ staff is comprised of talented editors, copyeditors, and designers with an extensive background in print media. We work with you to create a design that reflects your vision.
This depends on the author and the strength of his/her existing platform. Generally speaking, a first-time-author can expect anywhere from $0 to $25,000 in advance of publishing. This amount will ultimately be recouped by the publishing house through book sales before the author sees another dime. Publishing lore suggests that if this number is not reached through book sales, the author will be added to an industry blacklist.
No. CVBooks’ model works in the reverse. Authors are required to make an initial investment in their book production and/or platform development (something they end up doing regardless of the publisher if they want to increase the book’s profitability). Profits are derived purely from book sales but authors receive up to 60% of the wholesale price of each book they sell.
Sometimes created by the publishing house. Often times not.
You can either do it yourself or hire an outside team. You might opt to skip it all together (not advised). It’s up to you.
CVBooks offers several choices. Depending on the author’s needs and our agreement, we can create either a microsite, a page within an existing website, or an entire site dedicated entirely to the book.
Marketing/PR/ Promotions
While publishing houses have PR staffs, they are not usually dedicated to first-time authors; they are reserved for more high-profile authors and their titles. Authors who work with traditional publishing houses often end up hiring their own PR and marketing teams to avoid going without.
It’s up to you. You can either do it yourself or hire an outside team.
Authors often work with CVBooks to create their platform and to create pre-book launch buzz and work with us post-publishing to publicize the finished product through a variety of initiatives, including garnering book reviews, excerpts, and praise from the various outlets that speak to your target audience.
The publishing house has relationships with booksellers and will work to get your book carried by online and physical stores.
Self-publishers are left to do it themselves. Amazon has introduced a self-publishing arm called BookSurge that ensures presence in its catalogue, but does not favor other self-published authors. Physical bookstore chains require you to go through a lengthy application process, which takes into consideration your press mentions, book sales, and your platform. If you opt to sell books through your own channels, such as your website, you will have to handle shipping, handling, and inventory, which can cost you time and money in the end.
CVBooks has relationships with the top U.S. and U.K. online distribution channels (See complete list of outlets here). We will also work on a case-by-case basis with authors who would like to explore distribution in physical stores or other distributors not currently on our roster.
The author will begin receiving royalties after he/she has sold enough books to pay back the advance. Authors can generally expect anywhere from 4 – 8% of the book’s retail price.
This depends on the author’s print and distribution model. Assuming the author is working with a print-on-demand company and distributing books through online channels (rather than acting as their own reseller), he/she can receive anywhere from 40 – 50% of the book’s retail price.
The author sees profit on the first book sold. CVB takes a minimal publishing/ management fee from each book sold, and the author receives what remains after production costs. Authors can expect anywhere from 35 – 50% of the book’s retail price (or up to 60% of the wholesale price).
If an author doesn’t have direct access to a publishing house, an agent is often the best way to get it. Of course, that comes with a fee.
We work with agents but you can easily submit your book proposals to us directly if you are not currently represented. (See submission guidelines for details.)