Drew McLellan
Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan is the author of 99.3 Random of Acts of Marketing, and the founder of McLellan Marketing Group. Considered a national branding expert for corporations and non-profits, Drew is a highly sought after public speaker, who has delivered about a zillion presentations at national conferences, keynote addresses, peer training sessions, colleges and even his daughter’s seventh-grade class. Over the years, Drew has lent his expertise to clients like Nabisco, IAMS pet foods, Kraft Foods, Meredith Publishing, John Deere, Iowa Health System, Make-A-Wish, University of Central Florida, Skidoo and a wide array of others. When he’s not out preaching the good word of marketing and branding at work and on his blog, Drew spends time with his family and pondering why the Dodgers can’t seem to get back to the World Series.

Gavin Heaton
Gavin Heaton

Gavin Heaton is the author of The Dialup Guide to Blogging and an avid public speaker. For the last 12 plus years, Gavin has worked from Australia in global roles for a range of companies. While working with global marketing agency Creata, he was responsible for the digital strategy and implementation of the brand in the USA and its subsequent global rollout. He has also built and grown business units for companies like IBM. He evenly balances creativity and business know-how with a passion for the chaos in which we live—and strives to transform his teams into focused and enthusiastic micro-communities. Gavin is currently the Business Development Manager at SAP America, and he blogs regularly at


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