Kevin Adkisson
Kevin Adkisson

Kevin was never that kid who knew exactly what he wanted to do when he grew up. He didn’t set his sights on being a fireman, a doctor or a writer. He didn’t aspire to go to Harvard (or to the moon, for that matter). And he didn’t pick a course of study and stick with it when he got to college. For Kevin, growing up was less about achieving one clear-cut goal than it was about defending himself through a series of daily competitions — like waking up as early as possible so he didn’t miss out on the good cereal. Or getting to the TV first so he didn’t get stuck watching someone else’s show. This is what happens when you’re the youngest of ten — competition is a matter of survival — and competition is what drives Adkisson in his admirable sales career.

A city kid from South St. Louis, Adkisson grew up in the Catholic school system and used sports (soccer, to be exact) to put himself through Notre Dame.  Somewhere between then and now he fell into Sales, and as luck (or fate) would have it, he found out he was pretty good at it.

Navigating the sales world as if a series of daily survival-of-the-fittest challenges, Adkisson compares sales to prizefighting in Sales Pros are Prizefighters to illustrate the common career trajectories of those who thrive on ultimate one-on-one competitions, not only to make a living, but to continue challenging themselves to reach their maximum career potentials.

A scrappy city kid done good, Adkisson’s fighting stories come from his grandpa “Kid Irish,” a boxer who he describes as “good enough to have fought ‘The Toy Bulldog’ Mickey Walker (twice). He was no champion but he was no Tomato can either.” And his sales stories come directly from the front lines—the sales trenches where Adksisson thrives as an award-winning sales pro and a trainer to those looking to accelerate their own careers.

Naturally, after a lifetime of Catholic school, Adkisson married a Jewish girl, and now has four boys of his own. He lives in Chicago, where he coaches baseball and basketball, and recently started a 500-kid traveling soccer program. Looking for something to fill his spare time, he decided to write. Sales Pros are Prizefighters is his first book.


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