Experts & Thought Leaders

You’re an expert in your field.
But does everyone know it?

You’re a visible figure who’s revolutionizing your
industry with new ideas and tools.

You need a way to position yourself at the front of the pack for greater visibility and better opportunities. A book for you is just as much as a marketing tool as it is a rite of passage and a profit source. But if you wait, someone else will claim the spotlight you’ve worked so hard to capture. Our incredibly streamlined book publishing process can help you secure your position in the market while driving revenue and bypassing the headache and lag time of other publishing options.

  • Get your message out.
  • A book as a marketing and promotional tool.
  • Profit and return on investment.
  • Distribution.
  • Marketing and publicity.
  • Quality.
  • Books available to you at any time.
  • No Minimum Orders.
  • Let’s get started.
Get your message out.

As a visible figure or thought leader in your industry, you need to communicate your thoughts with the world at large to solidify your position. Especially because nowadays anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can muddy the message.

A book as a marketing and promotional tool.

Much like a website, a speaking tour, or a blog, a book is a marketing and self-promotional tool. It represents your brand, your style, and your expertise. Done well, it can open the door to opportunity and media attention. It’s also not a bad way for you to own your message or business approach.

Profit and return on investment.

Sure, a book for you might be more about marketing than profit, but because our per-book profit is the highest in the industry — up to 60% of the list price for each book sold — sometimes it’s hard not to make money. (Not a bad problem to have, we know.) Because our distribution model eliminates those factors that deplete profit — multiple print runs, high minimum orders, agents, shipping & handling — on average, our authors are able to pay off their upfront investment with the sale of as few as 1,000 to 1,500 copies.


Our distribution channels are competitive with those of larger publishing houses and much wider and more robust than those available in the self-publishing world. We handle all U.S. and U.K. distribution, as well as fulfillment and monthly royalty payments. Want your book on Kindle? We do that, too. Our streamlined online distribution keeps costs to a minimum, and eliminates the need for multiple print runs and minimum orders by authors who want access to their books at cost. And if we don’t currently distribute with your outlet of choice, we’ll do the legwork to secure the relationship for you. If ever there was an argument against self publishing, this is it. See distribution outlets here.

Marketing and publicity.

We offer authors a variety of marketing and PR packages before and after the release of their book. Whether you want to build your platform up front, promote book sales after release, leverage your book for media and other opportunities, or all of the above, we can help you get the most from your book.


A good book can make the difference between having tremendous credibility and not having any. Professional editing, layout and distribution are the “make or break” factors for any book’s success.

Books available to you at any time.

Channel V Books offers you access to as many or as few books as you need at any time. Want to provide books at your next conference or other live appearance? Want to send signed copies to your friends, families and earnest competitors? No problem.

No minimum orders.

You can order 1 or 10,000; ship to several different locations; whatever the case, we make it easy for you.

Let’s get started.

Your book and your reputation are too important to go it alone, and the profit opportunities are too good to ignore. Contact us to find out how we work with leaders in a variety of fields to create robust platforms and high-quality books that can shape your future in the marketplace.