How the CVB Publishing Model Came to Be.

Channel V Books’ parent company Channel V Media is a marketing agency that helps its clients build their visibility, audiences, and platforms. Over time the agency identified a trend: after we succeeded in building loyal audiences for our clients, we were working tirelessly to secure book agents in order to help them land a publisher. Since the Channel V Media-built platform and loyal audience led to marketability and increased book sales, book agents were quick to respond.

But this is where the traditional model falters. While it’s based on publishers taking all of the risk, it also grants them most of the reward, meaning that authors who produce high sales do not always reap the financial rewards of their books’ success. Typically, an author’s package consists of some sort of arbitrary advance (the amount is based on “projected book sales”) and a small royalty for every book sold (royalties do not kick in, however, until the author has paid back the advance in book sales). In order to increase book sales, the author often hires his or her own outside marketing or public relations teams to supplement or do all the work for the publishing house’s minimal to nonexistent publicity efforts.

The author has now done all of the legwork on behalf of the publisher. He or she has built the audience and platform, written a book and paid an outside company to promote it. But the author is still making less money than the publisher on each book sold. If only there were a way to cut out the major publisher and offer authors the same benefits and luxuries of working with a big house...

There is.

CVBooks’ model requires the author to assume the majority of the upfront risk, but it rewards books sales at up to 60% of the wholesale price of each book sold. To an author who can translate marketability into book sales, this model is one of the most profitable options available.

CVBooks is its authors’ solution to editorial, design, distribution, fulfillment, management, promotions, and high per-book profitability. Channel V Books offers the speed of a print-on-demand solution while eliminating the operational responsibilities that plague authors who seek more reward through self-publishing.