Literary Agents

You’re known for your eye for talent, and you’re frustrated that your industry isn’t keeping up with the changes in the rest of the market (or your clients’ demand for profit and speed).

Clients who are looking for speed won’t wait for the long slog to market they’ll experience with a big publishing house.

And they’re not always thrilled with the idea of a book deal that yields low profit and a bunch of promotional work. And at the same time, you would love to get a royalty check monthly instead of twice a year — a royalty check that reflects the highest per-book profit in the industry.

Work with a publishing house that rivals the usual suspects by expediting your client’s projects and paying agents with unprecedented frequency.

  • Royalties.
  • Turnaround time.
  • Publicity.
  • Profit and return on investment.
  • Exacting design and quality standards.
  • Creative, elegant book design.
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We cut agent royalty checks monthly. Try finding that anywhere else. And because we offer authors up to 60% of the list price of each book sold, your 15% never looked so good.

Turnaround time.

Turnaround time that puts the rest of the rest of the industry to shame. We can go from manuscript to market in as few as 60 days.


Do you dread telling your clients that they’re going to have to do their own publicity if they want to sell any books and pay off their advance? Talk about a buzz kill. Especially if you don’t have a go-to agency to send them to for PR assistance. Well, it’s your lucky day: we offer authors a variety of marketing and PR packages before and after the release of their book. Whether they need to build their platform up front, promote book sales after release, leverage their book for media and other opportunities, or all of the above, we can help your client get the most from their book.

Profit and return on investment.

For your client, speed might be more important than profit, but because our per-book profit is the highest in the industry — up to 60% of the list price for each book sold — it will be hard not to make money. (Not a bad problem to have, we know. Especially compared to traditional publishing where it’s hard to even pay back a minimal advance.) Because our distribution model eliminates the factors that deplete profit — multiple print runs, high minimum orders, agents, shipping & handling — on average, our authors are able to pay off their upfront investment with the sale of as few as 1,000 to 1,500 copies.

Exacting design and quality standards,

that reflect your client’s exclusive talent and personality.

Creative, elegant book design,

that competes with that of large publishing houses.

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to find out how we can work together as your relatively silent publishing partner and tailor a book that will boost your clients’ visibility.