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Your clients are rising stars, and you want to offer them the best option available to build their visibility, their personal brands or their overall message.

You’re working with rising stars and well-known public figures, and they demand the best access to today’s media landscape.

You want to build their reach and brand while showcasing personality and platform. We can help develop a book (and/or e-book) that capitalizes on their marketability, solidifies their place in the spotlight, or highlights their potential.

  • A book as a marketing and promotional tool.
  • Your client is marketable.
  • Profit and return on investment.
  • Distribution.
  • Quality.
  • Books available to your client at any time.
  • No Minimum Orders.
  • Contact us.
A book as a marketing and promotional tool.

You’ve got the media angle covered but you could use a new hook. A book is a solid marketing and self-promotional tool — and one through which your clients can completely control their message. Done well, a book can open the door to opportunities you’d never considered, not to mention major media attention.

Your client is marketable.

Channel V Books and sister company Channel V Media will work with you to transform your client’s marketability into media opportunities, wide-reaching visibility, respect and profit. Or, if you’ve got that covered, we’ll focus on managing your client’s monthly royalty checks and distribution.

Profit and return on investment.

Sure, for your client, a book might be more about marketing than profit, but because our per-book profit is the highest in the industry — up to 60% of the list price for each book sold — sometimes it’s hard not to make money. (Not a bad problem to have, we know.) Because our distribution model eliminates those factors that deplete profit — multiple print runs, high minimum orders, agents, shipping & handling — on average, our authors are able to pay off their upfront investment with the sale of as few as 1,000 to 1,500 copies.


Our distribution channels are competitive with those of larger publishing houses and much wider and more robust than those available in the self-publishing world. We handle all U.S. and U.K. distribution, as well as fulfillment and monthly royalty payments. Want your book on Kindle? We do that, too. Our streamlined online distribution keeps costs to a minimum, and eliminates the need for multiple print runs and minimum orders by authors who want access to their books at cost. And if we don’t currently distribute with your outlet of choice, we’ll do the legwork to secure the relationship for you. If ever there was an argument against self publishing, this is it. See distribution outlets here.


Our books are designed and executed professionally. No cutting corners. No settling. We’re sticklers for editorial and design quality.

Books available to your client at any time.

Channel V Books offers you and your client access to as many or as few books as needed at any time. Does your client need books for a public appearance or other event? Want to pique the interest of industry bigshots with a slew of signed copies? No problem.

No minimum orders.

You can order 1 or 10,000; ship to several different locations; whatever the case, we make it easy for you.

Contact us,

to find out how we can work together as your relatively silent publishing partner and tailor a book that will boost your clients’ visibility.