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Your organization has a legacy of passionate commitment. You want to tell its stories, and you think a book has immense potential as a fundraising tool, but you’re not sure where or how to start.

Organizations like yours are driven by dedication, year after year.

Strengthen your ties to your core audience, create loyalty among current members, and find new ones with a book that captures the essence and goals of your organization. Non-profits and for-profit associations alike can realize their contributor and membership potential with a book that commemorates their organization’s past, present, and future.

  • Solidify your foundation and increase loyalty.
  • You need a publisher that gives you creative freedom but offers editorial and design support.
  • Creative, elegant
    book design.
  • Channel V Books
    offers you access.
  • Ease of distribution.
  • No Minimum Orders.
  • Profit.
  • Whether you’re a non-profit or for-profit organization.
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Solidify your foundation and increase loyalty.

Research consistently shows that custom publications increase readers’ loyalty to and trust in the organizations that invest in them. A book will allow you to confirm your message, attract more like-minded members, and solidify your relationship with existing ones.

You need a publisher that gives you creative freedom but offers editorial and design support...

in order to get your message out in a way that speaks first and foremost to your members, with an emphasis on quality content and design.

Creative, elegant book design...

that captures what your organization is all about for readers.

Channel V Books offers you access.

You want your book to be available through your site, in your offices, and on site at your events and meetings. Channel V Books offers you access to as many or as few books as you need at any time. We also manage the distribution process so that you never have to do so much as address an envelope or lick a stamp. On that note...

Ease of distribution.

You like the idea of distributing to the general public for the additional visibility and revenue it offers, but you’re not interested in dealing with the hassle of negotiating with distributors, fulfilling orders and managing monthly reports. (And really, who can blame you?) Our almost-unbelievably streamlined distribution process gives you access to a variety of distribution channels and doesn’t tack on additional fees to your project. In fact, it creates profit.

No minimum orders.

You can order 1 or 10,000; ship to several different locations; whatever the case, we make it easy for you.


Sure, this may be a marketing, promotional or new member-acquisition tool, but the additional revenue you will gain from our high-profit and streamlined online distribution doesn’t hurt as a means to offset costs. (Our profit margin for authors is the highest in the industry: up to 60% of the list price for each book sold.)

Whether you’re a non-profit or
for-profit organization,

a book has the potential to transform your organization’s ability to retain and attract members.

Contact us,

to discuss what we can do for you.