CVBooks is always looking for great new authors and projects.
We strive to be selective yet open-minded, so we welcome all submissions and encourage first-time writers to send in their work.

We require the following elements in order to complete the submission process:


Complete our formal submission form.


Provide us with your proposal and/or manuscript
(partial or full).

  • Please submit your proposal and/or manuscript
    as a word document or pdf file.

  • The file(s) should be saved as:

    or :


Provide us with a preliminary
marketing plan.

Your markeitng plan should include:

  • A summary of your current marketing initiatives. (i.e. How have you built awareness for yourself in a way that will benefit the proposed project?)

  • An outline of your future personal promotion plans, including an overview of your audience and thoughts on how you will continue to build and leverage it to increase your marketability.

  • A brief summary of your book’s competition and where you think it will fit in the marketplace.

  • Your goals for this book and your ongoing publishing career.
    ( Note: We’re not specifically requesting your monetary goals. We’d like to get a sense of any big picture objectives you have, such as “building credibility in my industry” or “leveraging the book to attract more speaking opportunities.”)

  • The marketing budget you’ve designated for the current project.

  • Any other relevant marketing materials.

If you are sending any part of your proposal by snail mail, please address it to:

Channel V Books
66 W. 39th Street
3rd Floor East
New York, NY 10018

Attn: Submissions

We carefully review each serious proposal we receive and will contact you with feedback within three weeks of receiving your submission.