60 Days to Change:

A Daily How-To Guide With Actionable Tips for Improving Your Financial Life

by Peter Dunn

Over the last three years I’ve noticed that people are chasing the American Dream with more determination than ever. But as they do, they are finding a path fraught with new peril, leading them — and the experts — to question the prudence of this dream more than ever. After all, despite the implicit — and explicit — cultural message that the dream is attainable for everyone, we’ve reached a time in our nation’s history when many are asking hard questions: Does everyone deserve to live the American Dream or is it reserved only for a few? If so, who? Should everyone own a home? Should everyone retire with a gold watch? Is everyone entitled to a lazy retirement?

Because the economy will pick up and reinvent itself to account for the loopholes that have been exposed over the last few years, we need to be armed with the financial know-how that will allow us to achieve the American Dream the old-fashioned way: with hard work and commitment to setting and reaching our goals. If we can learn how to find financial success in an ugly economy, then we’ll no doubt flourish in a strong economy. And if we are able to set measurable benchmarks that allow us to live our own personal American Dreams, then macro financial conditions should have significantly less impact on our micro financial lives.

This book is about setting both big and small financial goals, learning how to reach them and working hard to accomplish them. Your income is an incredibly powerful financial tool, and when you combine it with working knowledge of the financial world, you can create a great life for yourself. This book won’t waste your time. It’s a concise blueprint for changing your financial life in just 60 days.

The same 60 Days to Change curriculum that is presented in this book has already empowered thousands of people across the country. Multiple CBS and FOX affiliates featured the 60 Days to Change program as a nine-week news series, and thousands of viewers signed up and followed along to improve their financial lives.

Now it’s your turn.


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