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A collection of anonymously-contributed client horror stories from designers



A cult phenomenon among those who work in graphic, print and web design — and those lucky enough to have discovered the namesake blog — CLIENTS FROM HELL has been bringing readers to tears with its unbelievable and always hilarious anecdotes from the twenty and thirty-somethings on the frontlines of design.

In print for the first time, this collection brings together the same type of original stories that make the blog a hit and exposes the designer’s trade for what it really is: new, misunderstood and often unappreciated. Read the quotes, bizarre requests and elaborate communication failures that are all part of the daily life of working with clients.

With anonymous submissions from over a thousand creative freelancers, CLIENTS FROM HELL sheds an insider’s perspective on difficult — and all-too-often irrational and insane — interactions with clients.

Anyone who has ever worked with clients may find these tales frighteningly familiar. New designers may think twice about their chosen profession — or at least find relief in the fact that they’re not alone in absurd client interactions. And non-designers? Well, they’ll just feel grateful — while they laugh and discover the new and uncharted territory of miscommunication.


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