Working with Channel V Books

Because our full-service model emphasizes complete author development and rewards marketability with profitability, we accept only 5-7% of the submissions we receive.

The authors we work with are:

  • Thought leaders in their industries, experts in their fields, and/or influential voices among niche or broad audiences.

  • Looking to establish a long-term partnership with their publisher.

  • Seeking high-quality standards and a marketing and sales-focused publishing model that puts the author’s success at the forefront.

  • Selective. They’re interested in a publisher that bridges the gap between self-publishing and traditional publishing — one that knows the intricacies of the industry and will work to guide them through it.

  • Interested in a collaborative publisher-author relationship.

  • Willing to dedicate the time necessary to write a great manuscript and invest time in the marketing process in the effort to increase sales and establish further credibility.

  • Serious about the editorial and design qualities of their books, and willing to work with us to make their books the best they can be.

  • Seeking national and/or U.K. distribution with no effort on their part.

  • Ready to compete in an over-saturated industry and to create a book that’s battle-ready in all respects: production, distribution, and marketing.

If you’re ready to work with CVBooks, please contact us when:

  • You have a book proposal, a partial manuscript, or a book concept that has high marketing potential. CVBooks prefers to begin work on a project as early as possible and often collaborates with authors to define the project's content direction before the manuscript is complete.

  • Your manuscript is complete and ready for professional editorial feedback or production. If CVBooks is interested in publishing your work, we will assess its market viability and define a publication plan that makes sense for your book.

  • Your manuscript is ready for press or you need production services to prepare it for the printer. CVBooks offers production services even if we do not publish or distribute the title.